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Choosing Your Law Firm’s Collaboration Platform

The ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct advise lawyers to stay knowledgeable of societal changes, including shifts in technology. So, that raises the question: Is your firm current with its technology services? More specifically, in the face of a global health pandemic, are you still using yesteryear’s technology, or have you upgraded to modern solutions? As remote work becomes the new normal, forward-looking law practices are turning to collaboration products that can help keep cases on track, enable remote meetings, promote client safety and keep staff productive. For this article, we highlight five tips to consider when choosing a collaboration solution for your firm. 1. Focus on Security In the digital era, maintaining client confidentiality means making sound decisions to ensure …


E-911 Non-Compliance Is a Workplace Safety Hazard

One of the Most Common (and Unknown) Workplace Safety Hazards: E911 Non-Compliance You take steps to protect against workplace safety hazards, such as by using a keycard entry system, security cameras and monitoring your network activity to spot cyberthreats. However, one of the most common yet unknown workplace safety hazards is E-911 (Enhanced 911) non-compliance. From workplace violence to injuries to fires, the need to call 911 at your place of business can arise at a moment’s notice, yet not every phone system makes it easy to do so. For example, if your phone system requires a prefix before dialing outside your office, then someone in an emergency, especially someone panicking or who’s unfamiliar with your phone system, might struggle …

Covene’s offer of support during the pandemic

March 16, 2020 Extension of Zero-Cost Offer for Technical Engineering Resources to Assist in Deploying Collaboration Tools Firstly, please allow me to express on behalf of everyone at Covene, our hope for you and your family’s good health and safety during this time, and beyond. At Covene, our first core belief is rooted in our people. This extends from our teammates to their families, friends, and the communities in which they live. Further, as an organization, we exist to serve. In conjunction with the numerous offers from manufacturers to use their platforms at no charge during this crisis, the Covene team has decided to offer our professional services to you, for free. These services will be available to any organization …

Hosted Virtual Desktops and Cisco Webex

Until now, virtual desktop users often suffered with terrible Webex audio and video quality. With the new Webex app for virtual desktops, we have a fix for that!