Determining the Reason for a Windows Server Reboot

Pre-Requisites Purpose This document is intended to show engineers how to determine what caused a Windows machine to reboot.  Event Viewer is a very handy tool and is used to determine the reason for reboot.  Reason for a Windows Server Reboot

Call Manager Reboot Procedure

Purpose:  This document will instruct an engineer on how to properly reboot a Call Manager node and perform the necessary validation afterward to ensure the system is fully operational.

Kari’s Law: The Plain English Guide

Person falls in hallway

If you’re curious about Kari’s Law and how it will impact your organization, then you’ve reached the right place! I will break down the three components of Kari’s Law and help you plan your path to compliance. 9Line First, a quick message from the sales team. We partner with 9Line to help improve outcomes of 911 calls and for organizations …

Be a Hero: Cloud Registration

You don’t need to buy a server room full of equipment to make the video conferencing equipment work. Read more about using cloud registration to save time and money!

Set Webex Meeting PMR PIN with Webex XML API

A user’s PIN is one of the few things that cannot be set via Webex Control Hub or bulk admin. Learn how to use Webex XML API to update a user’s PIN which can be helpful during a mass rollout.