Uploading a New Background Image to Call Manager


  • Access to the CUCM OS Admin Page – (same login as command line)
  • Correct file size of both Thumbnail and Background Image


  • To upload a new background image that can be used by phones

Uploading a New Background Image to Call Manager – Step by Step

NOTE:  This is an example for the 8841 series phone

  • Download the Background Image and Thumbnail and get them in the appropriate size (paint works well)
    • Background: 800x480x24
    • Thumbnail: 139×109
  • Open the CLI of Call Manager and view the “List.xml” file which provides the phone with a list of available background image
  • Copy and Paste the output into a text file
  • Add a line at the bottom including your new background image (follow the standard of the others)
  • Save the file as “List.xml”
    • Be sure it is not a TXT file
  • Upload the List.xml file to the Call Manager nodes running the Cisco TFTP service (be sure to use the appropriate directory)
    • In this example: Directory – Desktops/800x480x24
  • Upload the Thumbnail image and Background image in the same directory
    • We will need to upload them on all servers running the TFTP Service
  • Restart the TFTP service on all nodes running TFTP
  • Verify the background image is now selectable

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