Call Manager Reboot Procedure

Purpose:  This document will instruct an engineer on how to properly reboot a Call Manager node and perform the necessary validation afterward to ensure the system is fully operational.

  • Open a CLI session to the CUCM Publisher
    • Enter the command “utils service list” to gather the running services. 
      • NOTE: Copy and paste the running services into a notepad and save the notepad.  We will need to compare the running services before and after the reboot to ensure all services have started.
    • Enter the command “utils dbreplication runtimestate” to verify the database replication between the Call Manager nodes is in sync.
      • Confirm the replication setup is (2) Setup Complete.   If it is not (2) Setup Complete, do not proceed with the reboot and troubleshoot the database replication issue.  Below is a screenshot of what we are looking for.
  • Gather the registered phone count via RTMT
    • Open RTMT and connect to the Publisher Call Manager node (RTMT is available for download via Call Manager Administration Page > Application > PlugIns)   
    • Navigate to the Voice/Video Tab in RTMT
    • Select Device Summary
      • Be sure to take note of the Registered Phone Devices for both Call Manager node, as well as the entire cluster (screenshots below)
  • Run a continuous ping to the CUCM server
    • Running a continuous ping will give us an idea of when the server shuts down and when the server is back up.
  • Return to the CLI session to the Publisher
    • Enter the command “utils system restart
    • Keep an eye on the continuous ping for when timeouts begin.
    • NOTE:  When pings begin timing out, this means the server is shut down.  Wait about 5-10 minutes and pings should start responding again.  
    • Once pings begin to respond, wait another 5 minutes and then attempt to CLI into the Publisher.
  • Verify all services have started
    • Via the CLI session, run the “utils service list” command and verify the running services match the running service list that was taken before the reboot.
    • NOTE:  Services can sometimes take a while to start.  After you have regained access to the CLI, it could take another 15 minutes for all services to start.  Be patient. 
    • If a service does not start, we will have to manually start it by going to the Cisco Unified Servicability > Tools > Feature / Network Services
  • Return to RTMT
    • Verify the registered phone count is the same as before beginning the maintenance.
    • If there are quite a few phones unregistered, go through CUCM and identify the unregistered phones.

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