Pulling Call Manager Logs from RTMT and Reviewing in TranslatorX



  • To pull diagnostic logs from Call Manager
  • To review the Call Manager logs within RTMT
  • To accurately diagnose multiple failures including:
    • Call Failures
    • Phone Registration Failures
    • 1-way audio

Pulling Logs From Call Manager – Step by Step

  • Log into RTMT using your web GUI credentials and click OK.
  • On the left hand side, click on the Trace & Log Central tab
  • Double click on the “Collect Files” tab
  • Check the checkbox next to “Cisco Call Manager” for “All Servers” then click Next
  • Continue clicking next until you reach the “Collection Time” and “Download File Option” settings
    • Change the “Reference Server Time Zone” to the timezone of the publisher
    • Change the date/time to the time in which the issue occurred
      • If the issue was recreated recently, you can use the “Relative Range” radio box and choose for the previous 5 minutes or something to that nature.
    • Change the Download File Directory to wherever you want to save the logs
  • Click Finish

Reviewing the Logs in Translator X – Step by Step

  • Open Translator X
  • Drag and Drop the entire folder of logs into the TranslatorX program
    • This will take 30 seconds to a few minutes to open depending on the size of the logs
  • Click the “Call List” button at the top
  • Enter either the Calling or Called Number
  • Now that you’ve found the call, click on it to Highlight the call

  • Press the “Generate Filter” button inside the “Call List” window

  • Go back to the main TranslatorX window
    • Click “Generate Diagram”

  • Use this graphical Diagram to further diagnose the issue. 
    • NOTE:  Error codes such as 503 Service Unavailable and 404 Not Found are bad.
    • A normal call should setup like the following (See the call leg between CUCM and SME)
      • INVITE
      • 100 Trying
      • 180 Ringing / 183 Session Progress
      • 200OK
      • ACK
      • BYE
      • 200OK

See below for “Call Flow Sequence Diagram”

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