Be a Hero: Cloud Registration

In today’s post we’re going to cover three reasons you should use cloud video conferencing to be online in minutes!

The need for a simple, easy to use video conferencing experience, is the entire reason Cisco made their newest devices. Now anyone can use video conferencing with no, or at least minimal, IT-help.

The concept of “registering” equipment to the cloud encompasses a whole set of technical things that, frankly, don’t matter to most people! We just want things to work and not have to spend hours, days, or weeks trying to get something online and functional.

So given those requirements, here’s our breakdown of the Top 3 reasons you should buy cloud-enabled Cisco video gear and register it to the cloud!

Reason #1 – It’s Plug & Play

You can be a video conferencing hero in five steps:

  1. Unbox your new device
  2. Attach it to your TV
  3. Plug-in the cables
  4. Go to the Webex site to set up the device & give the room a name
  5. Make a test call!

Watch as one of our collaboration consultants sets up a system in minutes.

Any changes you need to make in the future are incredibly easy and all managed through the Webex site. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars with an expensive audio/visual company for programming changes.

You don’t need to buy a server room full of equipment to make the video conferencing equipment work. Determining whether you want to use a wired connection or go wireless, is the toughest question.

Reason #2 – Firewalls love to kill video. Cisco fixes that.

It is quite likely that you will not have to mess with your firewall. Because of the way Cisco engineered the devices to work, most network firewalls will not interrupt the video conferencing traffic.

We have received countless calls from customers who are struggling with their video conferencing equipment due to the firewall. They’ll often experience issues with one-way video, or no audio & video at all. Often, additional equipment is necessary to make non-cloud devices work. With the cloud-registered video endpoints, you don’t have to touch your firewall rules.

To be fair, large businesses with complex firewall policies and a dedicated security team may block the traffic, regardless of Cisco’s technology. But, if you have a dedicated security team, we should be including them in the conversation!

Reason #3 – It’s Not You. It’s Them.

Cisco has built the Webex service to be fully interoperable with all the major video conferencing technology. Your customers may use Skype for Business, Polycom, Lifesize, or something else, but it doesn’t matter! Because they engineered the cloud service to work with all the various technologies, you don’t have to worry technology your customer has.

To be fair, sometimes problems will happen but with cloud-registered endpoints, you will be able to instantly identify what is happening.

Touch 10 quick status screen

During a call, your trusty touch panel will let you see if there’s anything wrong.

Cisco Webex Control Hub – Devices Tab

You can quickly check the Webex site to see what devices are online or may be offline… People love to unplug things for some reason!

Feeling techy? You can dig into the stats available on the Webex site and even the highly detailed stats available on the equipment’s management web page. But don’t worry – if you do hit a snag, just call your round-the-clock support included with your device and get help from the experts.

Or just reach out to us!

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