One Major Webex Cost-Saving Feature You Need To Know

The CIO has recently made it a priority to reduce the company’s Webex PSTN audio bill. And guess whose responsibility it is to make it happen? Yours! 

What are you going to do?  Tell users to quit using the phones for their meetings so much?  No… honestly, you can’t tell the user base to do anything. Especially considering they’re super busy, on Webex calls with clients! 

What if you could eliminate the PSTN costs for all those Webex meeting minutes the carrier has been dinging you for each month? 

Edge Audio to the Rescue

Meet Webex Edge Audio.  Webex Edge Audio, paired with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), allows Webex calls to consume a free VoIP path rather than sending the call to the PSTN. Let CUCM do the heavy lifting by automatically rerouting Webex calls through your VoIP environment, saving you money on the backend.   

With Edge Audio, there are several benefits: 

  1. Save Money Money Money! Your users will be saving the company money and not even know it!
  2. Better audio quality… it somehow sounds even better than before. With the G.722 wideband codec, we capture speech within a higher frequency range, providing a superb experience to all parties involved.
  3. Best of all, there’s no change in user behavior!  Users continue to dial, or get calls back, the way they always have before. 
Webex Edge Audio Network Diagram

CUCM receives the call and can send it to internal phones or use your own PSTN to connect the call to external participants (if you wish). This method of callback can mean huge savings for your pocketbook.   

Make yourself look like a genius to the CIO.  Implement Webex Edge Audio and save on PSTN costs while simultaneously enhancing the audio quality and meeting experience. 

Not sure where to begin?

That’s OK. We’re here to help! Just simply drop us a note in the comments or click here to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you get started with Webex and Edge Audio in your environment.

Let’s hear from you!

Have you implemented Webex Edge Audio? What’d you think? Was it easy, hard, or did it work just like you expected? Let us know in the comments below! 

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